Electronic Article Surveillance (eas) is a Technology Used to Detect Articles As They Pass Through a Detection System in a Store. This Detection is Used to Alert Retail Staff That Unauthorised Removal of Items is Being Attempted. over a Million Eas Systems Have Been Installed Worldwide, Primarily in Retail Stores, and Proof Their Effectiveness Every Day.

Various Eas Systems Exist but Two Types of Eas Technologies Dominate the Retail Business. Acousto Magnetic Systems (am) Which Operate on 58 Khz and Radio Frequency Systems Operating on 8.2 Mhz.  in Each Case, an Eas Tag or Label is Attached to an Item. the Tag is then Removed or Deactivated So It Will Not Trigger the Detection System. if the Tag is a Reusable Tag or So Called Hardtag, a Detacher is Used to Remove It when a Customer Purchases the Item It is Attached To. if a Tag is a Disposable Tag, Also Called Stickertag, Paper Label or Dr Label, It Can Be Deactivated by Swiping It over a Deactivator Pad. if the Label Has Not Been Deactivated or Detached by Retail Staff, an Alarm Will Sound when It Passes the Gates.

The Use of Eas Systems Does Not Completely Eliminate Shoplifting but Can Reduce Theft with Up to 70% or Even More when Used in Combination With, for Example, Camera Systems.

Sourcetagging is the Process Whereby an Inexpensive Tag or Label, Either Am or Rf is Integrated into the Product or Its Packaging by the Manufacturer.

Our Goods Visible Detection Systems Can Work to Deter Theft Before a Potential Thief Enters a Retailer’s Store, Helping to Increase Their Merchandise Availability and Providing the Best Possible Experience for Retail Shoppers.

New Technology and Connectivity Dramatically Expand the Application of Eas Antennas and Opens New Opportunities for Retail Stores.

Areas of Use and Application Examples:

Orne Theft Protection for Clothing Store, Cds, Bottles, Glasses, Bags, Shoes, for Optical Shop, Pharmacy, Fashion, Hotel, Airport, Supermarket, Super Hyper Market, Diy …

What is Eas Antenna?

What is Eas Security? Eas Security is Protection for Your Shop or Retail Chain and the Word It Self Means Electronic Article Surveillance. an Eas Security System Usually Consists of Eas Antennas and Eas Tags or Labels. These Components Signals to Each Other if They Come Too Close.

How Do Eas Security Tags Work?

An Eas System or Electronic Article Surveillance System Works with Detection Antennas That Are Installed at the Exit of the Store and the Hard Tags or Labels Attached to the Articles Sold in the Store. the Detection Antennas Constantly Emit Electromagnetic Energy. ... These Labels Are Reusable.

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