01Pre-sale, On sale, after sale


provide free technical consulting services

Provide free test sample service

Provide product quotation, technical parameters, company profile, credit certificate, etc.


Full-time follow-up by experienced engineers, full communication with customers, in-depth understanding of customer needs, assist customers to choose the most suitable products

After sale:

Professional engineers assist customers in completing product installation and training guidance

Provide technical support in time during customer use

Regular visits to customers to understand product usage

02Telephone technical support

24-hour national free service hotline: +86 186 8208 4272

Online access to technical experts and professional literature.

In the installation, setting, and debugging of the equipment, you can directly call us if you encounter problems.

03Installation supporting Services

Telephone communication: The engineer communicates with the user in real-time by telephone, resolves various concerns through telephone communication, and helps the user understand the instrument better.

Remote video: Communicate with users face-to-face through video software, explain the operation process, and teach.

Technical documentation: professional literature, which can help users to solve difficult and complicated problems

04Repair service

VicoMeter offers a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. 24 hours problem resolving is our commitment for customers.

+86 186 8208 4272