RFID bank card ID card anti-scanning card sleeve

RFID bank card ID card anti-scanning card sleeve

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Product Description

Product name: RFID anti-scanning card sleeve

Material: ABS / PS

Packaging: single OPP bag, 600 pcs / carton, weight 11KG, box gauge 510 * 300 * 175MM

Function: RFID anti-scan, NFC anti-write, RFID anti-leakage, NFC anti-payment, RFID anti-induction

Size: conventional card sleeve size is 90 * 60 * 4MM

Delivery time: about 5 days for proofing, about 15-20 days for large goods

Process: Injection (printable pattern)

Printing: double-sided printing or other, can be printed on ABS side

MOQ: 500 pcs

Function: shield outside interference signals, protect personal card information, and realize personal and property safety

Instructions for use: The method of use is very simple. Put the card to be protected correctly into the RFID shielding sleeve, and you can shield any short-range or long-range RFID from stealing the card information.

Scope of use: Credit cards, passports, debit cards, bus cards, ID cards and other personal items with smart storage.

Purchase highlights: bright colors, free to match colors, loved by the majority of consumers, gifts and retail are available, lightweight and easy to carry, environmentally friendly and economical

Tags: EAS Soft LabelEAS Hard TagsEAS Deactivator
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