The New Anti-Counterfeiting Label Can Also Be Used As a Selling Point for Corporate Products

Nov. 27, 2020

Putting Clothing Security Tag on clothes not only provides an umbrella for products, but also helps companies establish a good brand image. It is not only a simple anti-counterfeiting label, but also a product marketing tool, as well as a major selling point of anti-counterfeiting labels.

For products, anti-counterfeiting labels are not only an anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting tool, but also a marketing tool. Using the feature of one product, one code, a series of functions such as red envelope drawing, points collection, detailed introduction, and product traceability are implanted. Help companies spend a small amount of cost and bring a lot of results. Now, the new anti-counterfeiting label can also be used as a selling point for corporate products. First, it ensures the authenticity of the product, allows consumers to buy with confidence, and improves the brand image and reputation. When consumers inquire about anti-counterfeiting, they pay attention to the accurate traffic of the official WeChat account of the enterprise, which greatly increases the secondary consumption rate.

What are the selling points of anti-counterfeiting labels?

1. It is easy for consumers to identify and query. Consumers do not need to learn special recognition skills, just simply scan WeChat, phone inquiries or send text messages, which is very convenient.

2. Uniqueness: Each product is given a unique anti-counterfeiting code through the anti-counterfeiting system and marked on the anti-counterfeiting label product or packaging. Just like everyone has a unique ID, the product can be copied by cracking down on fakes, but the code is unique.

3. Low cost. The QR code anti-counterfeiting label is very simple. On our common self-adhesive paper, coated paper, and laser anti-counterfeiting labels, only the QR code level can be printed, and the increased cost is negligible.

Clothing Security Tag

Clothing Security Tag

4. Timeliness of anti-counterfeiting. Every time the system authenticates each digital code, the system will record the anti-counterfeiting label, including time and authentication. According to the number of times the product anti-counterfeiting code is inquired and the source of the query, the authenticity of the product can be judged, the area of the counterfeit product can be judged, and accurate clues can be provided in time to notify the law enforcement department, and the anti-counterfeiting label of the counterfeit product can be attacked accurately and timely. The two-dimensional code is convenient for anti-counterfeiting, which can greatly improve the interaction between enterprises and consumers, and increase the visibility and credibility of enterprises.

5. Unified management. This kind of anti-counterfeiting mark can be used for any kind of goods, and the nationwide anti-counterfeiting network can be established by using the network across the country to monitor and manage it at any time.

6. One-time use. Generally, each fake label of the anti-counterfeiting label can only be used once. Once the anti-counterfeiting mark is used, it will be obviously damaged by scraping off the coating or peeling off the surface layer, which is different from other unused anti-counterfeiting marks. Authorized special products or valuables can be processed through the technology of the system service center, and processed by the Clothing Security Tag Remover. After the first query, the legal owner can have the right to query the anti-counterfeiting label multiple times.

Anti-counterfeiting labels provide products with an umbrella to protect the interests of consumers and businesses:

1. Anti-counterfeiting label This kind of Security Tagging Equipment is suitable for various products, such as cosmetics, health products, medicines, electronic appliances, wine, tea, daily necessities, fast-moving consumer goods, clothing labels and other industries.

2. The stability of the anti-counterfeiting label Under normal operating conditions, the anti-counterfeiting identification feature of the anti-counterfeiting label can last for a short time. For example, fluorescent inks and inks that change with temperature have a decay period.

3. A product, a product, and an anti-counterfeiting label coded identity uniqueness The anti-counterfeiting identification features of the anti-counterfeiting label are uniqueness and non-copyability. For example, digital anti-counterfeiting, the anti-counterfeiting mark of such a commodity is the identity code, and each anti-counterfeiting mark can only be used once and cannot be used for transportation.

4. Anti-counterfeiting strength of anti-counterfeiting labels: the durability and reliability of authenticating and avoiding counterfeiting. Anti-counterfeiting strength is composed of four elements: the number of anti-counterfeiting identification features, the number of exclusive anti-counterfeiting technologies, the difficulty of copying, and the cost of copying. The emergence of anti-counterfeiting labels has reduced the number of fakes and shattered the ambitions of criminals. The development of science and technology has greatly increased the construction costs of criminals, making them unprofitable.
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